The outsiders - help me girl

The episode unfolds with Jughead's narrative voice as he speaks about the Cooper family , 'the Stepfords of Riverdale'. They were the ideal American family...until Jason Blossom happened. Polly sits with Betty , Veronica , and Hermione as she explains to Sheriff Keller the days leading up to Jason's disappearance. According to Polly, what started out as a casual conversation between her and Jason, flourished into an epic-forbidden romance. She was a  Vixen and he was a  Bulldog . But for reasons that were still unclear, their family's tried to tear them apart, however, the break up was short lived as Polly soon discovered she was pregnant with Jason's child. They became secretly engaged with  Nana Rose 's blessing and her heirloom ring. She and Jason had made plans to run away in an effort to start a new life together, the last time she saw him was at  Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe , where he told her about his plan to fake his own death and meet up on the other side of  Sweetwater River . With that in mind, Jason made a one-time drug delivery deal for the  Southside Serpents . They gave Jason an address upstate, where he was to deliver the drugs in exchange for money. However, the drugs never made it as Jason was murdered and Polly was taken away to the  Sisters of Quiet Mercy .

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The Outsiders - Help Me GirlThe Outsiders - Help Me GirlThe Outsiders - Help Me GirlThe Outsiders - Help Me Girl